Dec 16, 2009

103 - Volcano

Synopsis: Stan's Uncle Jimbo and his Vietnam buddy Ned take the boys on a weekend trip to experience the finer points of camping, fishing and blowing animals to smithereens. An erupting volcano and a mysterious creature named Scuzzlebutt not only threaten the boys' excursion but endanger the entire tow of South Park as well.

Three episodes in and it the show is slowly starting to stand upon its own two feet. Here we have Volcano, and it is the first consistently laugh-out-loud funny episode of the series. Whether it's Kenny's disgusting muffled comment about Cartman's mum, the ludicrous repetition of the "Oh-my-God!" (sorry, my lexicon is feeling rather limited today) sound, or the worryingly nostalgic 'Duck and Cover' film, there is a lot to like about this episode.
Another reason to like this episode is that it features the debut of Randy Marsh, many a person's favourite character in the show, although we are yet to learn that he is Stan's dad yet, and he offers up some nice chuckles. Less significant, but just as lovable is the introduction of Ned, the poor, amputee, Vietnam veteran, and his mechanical larynx, who catches painfully on fire for our amusement (and so Cartman can cook his weenies).
All in all, this was a solid episode. Jimbo and Ned were perfectly characterized, and the insane arsenal of weapons and unorthodox hunting methods are fun, and the disaster movie spoof is well-done. And it's hard to fault a show that creates a random monster with a name like Scuzzlebutt and Patrick Duffy for a leg. - 7.1/10

Quotable Notables: "Watch out, it's coming right for us!" - Jimbo
Stan: "Uncle Jimbo says that after this he's taking me to Africa."
Cartman: "My mom says there are lots of black people in Africa."

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