Dec 10, 2009

Progress Report/Hello

Just to make it look like this blog is actually alive I'm posting a little 'Hello" and a rundown on what's going to be happening. I am heading away this weekend so I plan on starting this thing on Monday so mark that on your calendar! I will be posting reviews on a semi-regular basis, by which I mean that there will be no set days of posts, but I will aim to post at least three reviews within a seven day week.
The website is up and can be accessed at although, being my first website, it is has some issues and is still under some maintenance. I need to widen some pages, and optimize some buttons and images for faster loading. It has been checked and works perfectly in Safari and competently in Firefox, but no word yet on other browsers.
A quick word on how I rate; episodes will be ranked out of 10, but will essentially be out of 100 as I will rate in a similar style to how Pitchfork rates albums (7.8, 9.1 etc.), and I will place a star to those I consider to be 'Classics'. Comments and feedback are welcome, so don't hesitate to contact me, though be warned, replies aren't automatic.
That seems more than ample for starters, so farewell for now and I look forward to starting this thing on Monday.

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